My Fellows Rotarian:
The month of May, dedicated to the youth, makes us reconsider the role that Rotarians must play in the community.
This year we are already concluded as Governor of district have tried to support our youth, starting our period by inviting them to participate in our Pets, activity that was replied this year the Governor-elect, Julio Grazioso.
Rotary invites us to offer youth programs that offered to develop leaders in the community and club, boosting the Rotaract and Interact clubs and developing Ryla programs and scholarships for young people.
Just month and a half to conclude our period I encourage you to put all yours effort to reach the presidential citation, entering to Rotary Central the results of this year.
Many of your respective clubs have already reached the goals, but it is necessary to be registered, particularly those related to the incorporation of new partners.
In the same way I invite you to make donations to the annual fund and Polio before 30 June, in order to enjoy the benefit of the Fund share within 3 years.
In relation to membership, until the month of April we have experienced growth which could be larger if during the month of June we intend to enter new members that is lacking for us to keep our club with net growth as was established by President Germ.
As was sent by the Secretary of the District, we have obtained the prize for greatest percentage attendance at the International Convention of the 21 Zone, thanks to the participation until today of 92 registered.
Thanks to all of you who has made an effort to participate in the celebration of the centennial of our Rotary Foundation.
I will see you in Atlanta
Carlos Flores District Governor